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Safire Grafics
For all your icon needs
This is the official Request Post for safire_grafics If you… 
1st-May-2004 11:26 am
Default- Death
This is the official Request Post for safire_grafics

If you would like to request a graphic, please comment below with the following:

1. Who you would like the graphic from.
There are two of us here at safire_grafics. Just let us know if you'd like one of us to make the graphic by saying some_kat or byewonderland.

2. What kind of graphic you're requesting.
The term "graphic" is so wide. We just need to know whether you're asking for an icon, a friend only banner, a header image, or something else.

3. What series/fandom is the graphic for?
You know us here at SafGraf, we have such a wide variety of fandoms~! We just need to know what fandom you're asking for.

4. Provide us with an image.
We may not know what your fandom is, or we may just not have anything from it. We'd really appreciate it if you provided us with a link to an image. Or, if you can't, then let us know what specific image or scene an image is from and we can try to find it.

Note: Neither of us are currently working with animated icons. It takes a lot of time and energy, and as much as we'd like to do them, we don't have that much time.

Comment with requests below. Once a request is filled, the finished graphic will be posted to the original comment.

Requests for some_kat are currently OPEN

Requests for byewonderland are currently OPEN
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